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How it works?

How it works?

Dropped.pl website is the first website in Poland which monitors deleted Polish domains. Thanks to daily updated list of deleted domains, users are being informed about deleted (or about to delete) domains. That information allows to buy valuable domains, which were not renewed for next year. These domains may be a source of additional income, due to Web links still pointing to them (which allows for getting visitors on your domain the easy way), or to reselling valuable domains for higher price.

The list of deleted domains on our website is updated daily. Each day, the list of all domains managed by NASK is checked, and domains deleted since last check are added to the list. Similiarly, domains re-registered since last check are deleted from the list. Thanks to that, our list contains all deleted Polish domains with the accuracy of one day.

Apart from the domain name itself, our list contains a number of other information helping to discern the domain value. They are:

  • Domain PageRank - rank attached by Google search engine to the site which existed on the domain before its deletion.
  • Number of pages from given domain indexed by Google.
  • Number of links to given domain indexed by Google.
  • Alexa rank - domain position in the ranking of most popular Internet sites created by Alexa.com; higher position means more traffic to the site.

Domains with PageRank, pages or links indexed in search engines, or having visitors from other sources (indicated by Alexa rank), are valuable and worth buying. Our list allows finding such domains in a simple and effective way. Thanks to advanced search criteria, searching and filtering the list by various criteria is possible.

Domains which go to our list are being deleted because of not being renewed by their owners. Such domains are reserved for renewal by the owner (who could simply forget about his domain) for 15 days, and after that, they go back to the pool of free domains. Our website allows for catching such domains when they are freed. Domain monitoring is performed automatically, which gives serious advantage to the people using our website, and significantly increase their chances for domain registration.